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ISW Humrahee Monthly Meeting

5 Feb 2024 11:24 PM | Anonymous

Brain is the crown jewel of our body. Brain controls our motor and sensory functions, our behavior and intelligence, memory and emotions and so on and so forth. But as an inevitable part of aging, we start to experience slowing of brain functioning including cognitive impairment.

Every individual goes through this process at different pace with some feeling the effects sooner than others. There has been a vast majority of scientific.

research going on all across the globe trying to figure out ways on how to preserve the brain functioning and slow down the age-related decline in memory.

ISW Humrahee team had their monthly meeting on 27th January 2024. Mr. Jagan Srinivasan, professor at WPI conducted a seminar on how we can improve our memory and brain function with modern day tools and Ayurveda. With more than 2 decades of experience as professor, Mr. Srinivasan elaborated on different factors that affect our brain function and how everyday exercise and social interactions can improve physical mental and emotional wellbeing.

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