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ISW PEN : Tax Seminar with Dr. Satya Mitra

18 Feb 2024 11:19 AM | Anonymous

by Ragoo Raghunathan

If you’ve seen a hall pack fast for a popular concert, the sight on this day at the India Center was no less. Over 150 people registered and showed up well before curtain time. Well, the event was our ISW-PEN program, the topic was Tax related and the speaker was The Guru Tax-fame Dr Satya Mitra himself, who also happens to be a best seller author of the book The 5 C’s, a book talking about tips to success for entrepreneurs and leaders.

This event was held on Saturday 17th Feb, 2024 as always at the India center at 11am. Dr Mitra started his presentation covering various topics including latest updates in tax laws, tax saving tips, how to report and deal with gifts and inheritance from abroad and tips for entrepreneurs and rental property owners. The topic was timely and the presentation was clear, concise and flawless. After the 45 min presentation Dr Mitra answered audience questions for around 1 hr as the audience kept asking question over question to the extent that the organizers Ragoo and Kelly (co-chairs of ISW-PEN) had to restrict each person to 2 questions.

Dr Mitra tirelessly answered all the questions while saying it gives him the greatest pleasure to answer questions from the audience. He also shared his business card and encouraged people to reach out with more questions. What started off as a one hour session happened to run for 2.5 hrs. This proved to be one of the best sessions we have had so far as part of ISW-PEN.

The event was live cast on the ISW Facebook page and can be seen for 30 day at this link:

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