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ISW Humrahee Chair Yoga and Manoranjan- the Karaoke session

27 May 2024 9:30 PM | Anonymous

----submitted by Kirti Nagpal

We had a very relaxing yoga session on 5/25/24 under the guidance of one of the prominent Yoga instructors in our community Mrs. Alka Yadav Mehta.

We started the session with Anulom Vilom and Uijayi breathing exercises followed by gentle stretching exercises while seated on the chair .After that Alka ji guided us through a very innovative and creative way of practicing Surya Namaskar using chair as a support .Throughout the session the emphasis was on mindfulness and being present in the moment. The session ended with a guided meditation and body scan leaving us all very refreshed and rejuvenated. Alka ji also highlighted all the positive and long-term effects of daily yoga practice in controlling high blood pressure , diabetes and even chronic pain .Regular yoga can boost energy levels by improving circulation and stimulating the nervous system. It helps improve focus and enhance mental clarity.

After the calming and relaxing Yoga session we dived into Manoranjan- the Karaoke session for our emotional wellbeing. We all came together to sing and dance and enjoy music. The finale was a short group dance video we recorded on a very popular song from yester years!!

It was a very exciting and fun filled event on the whole.

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