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ISW honors PVSA awardees

26 Jun 2024 6:09 PM | Anonymous

Award ceremony held as part of Graduation Satsang on June 30, 2024

“The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” - DeAnn Hollis.

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Congratulations on the PVSA award for volunteer work in 2023. You dedication to volunteer work is indeed exemplary, and ISW recognizes your hard work

2023 Teens 11-15
1. Gold Aditi Jayendran
2. Gold Arush Jagan
3. Gold Mahati Jayendran
4. Gold Sohan Hegde
5. Silver Priancka Ika
6. Bronze Ayan Mishra
2023 Young Adults 16-25
1. Gold Aadi Dixit
2. Gold Dhruv Jagan
3. Gold Kunal Chauhan
4. Gold Maurya Virmani
5. Gold Tanushree Nekenti
6. Gold Tara Chintapalli
7. Silver Aaditya Yadav
8. Bronze Prachet Mahawar
9. Bronze Samvriddhi Shukla

2023 Adults 25+
1. Gold Ekta Jain
2. Gold Geetanjali Virmani
3. Bronze Ashwani Virmani
4. Bronze Priya Vaidya

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