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ISW Cultural School goes online

29 Apr 2020 9:19 AM | Anonymous

Are we happy about online class ? Are we happy about not seeing kids in the classroom ? 

I will start with big YES . This YES is because everyone’s health is the first priority . Teacher is like a second parent to the kids . As parents can think only good about their kids . We teachers also give our heart and soul to show right direction to the kids how they can progress . And their progress is totally depend on they being healthy. So YES we should be happy though we can’t see them as staying home can keep them safe and healthy . 

Every Sunday we see their smiling face and sitting healthy  to attend the online class and believe me we can’t ask more than that . They are our future and we have to keep our future safe and protected . 

YES we are happy with online class as learning new stuff is always interesting and it excites me . We learned to use new app and how to easily execute it so we can run online classroom smoothly . 

We are teachers so we can’t loose our hope in any circumstances . Our mental  strength, our support and positive thinking will give a better future to this little hearts . I must say WE TEACHERS ROCK !!

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