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31 May 2022 4:50 PM | Anonymous


लीशा गुप्ता 

प्रकृति हर जगह 

जहाँ भी तुम जाओ वहाँ वहाँ। 

इधर-उधर इतने रंग 

आगे बढ़ो  - पास आओ 

देखो  कितने अच्छे लगते हैं एक संग। 

एक दिन जब बारिश हो 

फूल, पौधे भी खुश हों। 

ऊपर देखो तो चमकते तारे 

नीचे देखो तो हमारी धरती माता। 

प्रकृति हर जगह 

जहाँ भी तुम जाओ वहाँ वहाँ।


Nature is everywhere

wherever you go its always there

colors everywhere you look

move forward - come closer

Look at how good they look together

When it rains one day

flowers and plants will burst with joy

When you look up you see sparkling stars

When you look down you see mother earth

Nature is everywhere

Wherever you go its always there

Leisha Gupta is a freshman at Westborough High School. She graduated from ISW Cultural and Language School last year. She is currently volunteering as a student teacher and works with Hindi K2 students.

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