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20 Jun 2022 12:58 PM | Anonymous


Shreya Mukkamala Nippani
Grade 6, Saint Bernadette School, Northborough

Cool breeze, Sun shining, Maui Gold

This is what makes Hawaii bold

So many beaches of different colored sands

Too bad taking some is banned

The ocean colors are all shades of blue

I know, I wished I lived there too

Palm trees sway, Flowers bloom

And there used to be volcanoes which go boom

Road to Hana, Haleakala Sunrise

These are places you’ll be surprised

A thousand rainbows you will see

On your trip to Hawaii

The sun has set, the clouds start to leave

Though we must go, it’s hard to believe

That Aloha mean Hello as well as Goodbye

Leaving this place makes me sigh

Aloha Hawaii, until we meet again

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