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ISW Cultural Committee

The mission of the ISW Cultural Committee is to promote Indian culture within the community. The committee works to organize cultural events, musical concerts, dance events and all other events with multiple art-forms to foster the Indian American culture. The Cultural Committee meets as needed, to plan and organize events.Past  recent events organized by the Committee have included ISW Diwali Annual Cultural event, Diwali event at WAM, Shrewsbury's Got Talent Contest, Harvest Festival, Antakshari and many other events. 

 The cultural committee consists of  various small teams that focus on varied aspects of our Culture.

  1. Music Team

    ‘Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.’ ~ Plato

 Indeed, Music is an art form and a cultural activity whose medium is sound and this sound makes any human kind feel happy, joyful, calm, peaceful. We can keep adding many more feelings to the list. The bottom line is that ‘the music is an integral part of anyone’s life. Our music team works to bring distinctness to the community-   including organizing different musical programs, providing a platform to young, enthusiastic talent in music, collaborating with other organizations to promote Indian classical and folk music.

 Some of the past events 

  • Collaborated with Shrewsbury Public Library to organize an event of ‘Carnatic and Hindustani Music’ concert by respective music teachers. 

  • Held workshops for kids on Indian Instruments like - Tabla, Saxophone.

  • Held a grand fundraising gala by giving platform to a local Musical Band

  • Have been organizing ‘Bollywood Antakshari’ events for Bollywood music lovers.


2. Dance Team 

  As they say ‘Dance, dance wherever you may be…’ our team strives to promote, encourage this art form by organizing dance contests, giving a platform to amazing classical, semi classical and folk dance groups during our Diwali event, Harvest Festival, Showcase India event, India Day event, etc.The team also has been successful in planning and organizing the annual Navratri Garba and Dandiya event.

 3.Art and Sculpture Team-

  Drawing, Painting, Coloring,Sketching come under this another great art form  - Art

The team has been successful in planning and organizing small workshops on Drawing and Painting.

4. Theater  Team-

              The team has had a great experience working with a local enthusiasts’ group named ‘Rangmanch’. The team had planned a series of ‘Theater workshops’ specially designed for kids aged 5 to 12. Team also organized an event consisting of 10 different plays based on Indian Mythology. 

Some local artists put up a  well known Marathi Play ‘Char Divas Premache’ which was very well appreciated by the audience. 

5. Literature Team-

    ‘Literature is one of the most interesting and significant expressions of humanity.’ ~ P.T. Barnum. 

 The team has been successfully organizing Hindi Hasya Kavi Sammelan by many well known Kavi (Poets) from India and USA.

     This  team has been working passionately to promote, encourage and give a platform to our local authors, poets, blog writers and creative writers. 

ISW Hasya Kavi Sammelan

ISW Cultural Blog

  What do we do under this committee?

  • Initiate and set the date for  different cultural programs in the form of events, performances, concerts, collaborations with other  organizations in the local community. 
  • Create an event master plan.
  • Plan  and establish the program  budget.
  • Design and craft the format of the program. 
  • Communicate and coordinate with performers, directors, choreographers for any event.
  • Identify and establish collaborative organizations for any event.

 How can you get involved in this committee?

 There are multiple ways you can get involved in the committee, volunteer for one or many events of ISW. Our team is always looking for some passionate people like you in the community. 

  • Do you have a passion?
    • You can help in our team in creative aspects of event organizing. For eg. initiating and bringing new event concepts, ideas, themes, creating and designing flyers for the events, etc.
  • Do you like to read, write books or articles? 
    • You can also get involved in writing blogs on different art forms - performing arts, arts such as photography, drawing, painting, conceptual art,etc.
  •  Do you like to sing, dance, act? - 
    • You can be a part of our many group performing events such as Diwali, Harvest Festival, India Day, Ganeshotsav, Garba, etc.
  • Do you have a special talent in any specific art? - 
    • You can share your talent on the ISW platform with other enthusiasts by coaching, choreographing, directing the group.
  • Do you have publicity and  marketing skills? - 
    • You can help us advertising and marketing our upcoming events via different channels like Facebook, Instagram, Community news papers, Website write ups, etc.
  • Do you want to just volunteer for the community? -  
    • You are very very welcome to work with our team, have some fun working together  with the community, for the community  and in the community.  

 Please contact us if you are interested in joining any team of the Cultural Committee.  

Cultural Committee members

  • Arathi Cowlagi 
  • Snehalata Kadam
  • Smita Manjrekar
  • Rashi Khanna
  • Rekha Gupta
  • Komal Tanna
  • Kajal Dixit
  • Sarita Deshpande

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