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Voting Rights

14 Jan 2023 11:53 PM | Anonymous

Voting Rights
By Shreya Nippani, Grade 7

America is full of diversity
Everyone has a different nationality
During the time of Dr. King
Racism was a thing
The color of your skin would affect your right
But Martin Luther King did not start a fight
He used his words to convey his dream
That we can succeed if we work as a team
And to this day his dream stands tall
That there will be equality for all
No more segregation
We live as a united nation
Men or women, black or white
Every individual has a right

Martin Luther King made his mark
And ignited a spark
He didn’t want his grandchild’s life
To be full of unnecessary strife
Every person has the right to vote
And no one needs to gloat
He had a choice
To use his voice
And he succeeded
And no conflict was needed
Thank you Dr. King
You took us under your wing
To make racism not a thing

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