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  • 26 Mar 2024 2:27 PM | Anonymous

    Daffodils will be out soon at NEBG at Tower Hil, Boylston.  Inside scoop from Cassie, they have started coming up, and should be in full bloom in two weeks, so book your free passes soon. ISW Members are encouraged to request free passes, details here for visits to New England Botanical Garden.


    In recognition of Ashish Cowlagi's volunteer time on NEBG's Community Advisory Committee, ISW was issued complimentary organizational membership, and it has been reniewed for the third year, so do avail of the passes.

    Also one of our ISW School Marathi teachers, Priya Vaidya, a fan of NEBG, was invited to join NEBG Mission Committee and bring her skills to help New England Botanical Garden.

    As a FYI, ISW will partner again this year with NEBG for Night Lights on November 23 2024, and showcase our Cultural Heritage  and celebrate DIwali with the broader community. Details to follow.

    And did you know that  there is a painting of Dr. E.K. Janaki Ammal (1897–1984) displayed at the garden as part of the exhibit on Celebrating Women Horticultural Heroes, March 1–30. She was a pioneer in her field in UK and Kerala.

    A painting of Janaki Ammal.

  • 18 Mar 2024 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    ISW Vocal Ensemble group get together.
    submitted by Usha Yadav

    Saturday evening families of our vocal ensemble group members (old and new) gathered to celebrate the end of the singing session and share their talents.There were 12 solo participation and two fun group performances.

    Everyone had a great time showing their talents to the audience mostly the family members of the participants. It was a relaxing , entertaining evening combined with passion for singing.
    The program concluded with the food / dinner, dj music and open dance floor for all.

  • 17 Mar 2024 6:25 PM | Anonymous

    --submitted by Ragoo, Co Chair ISW Pen

    FB Live link

    The ISW-University and PEN initiatives co-hosted a Heartfulness and Meditation session at the India Center this past Saturday, where we had panelists from the Heartfulness Research Institute, some of whom work full time at organizations like MIT, Amazon and other places. It was moderated by Devesh Srivastava (AI leader at Cisco) and a volunteer member of ISW who conducts weekly Meditation and Yoga sessions at the center during the weekends.

    The panel of 6 introduced themselves and discussed topics that covered relaxation and meditation methods, provided some insights on the changes in the volatile job market, and shared few tools for stress management. There was also an interactive session led by Trevor Weltman and Devesh on incorporating Heartfulness and resilience in daily life for career growth. This was followed by a networking and interactive session with light snacks. The event was well attended by over 60 members in the audience.

    Complete list of Panelists:

    George Zogbi (Heartfulness Institute),
    Mohanraja Kumar (Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology),
    Trevor Weltman (Partner at Clickable Impact Consulting Group)
    Alexey Lef (Principal Engineer at Amazon)
    Moderator: Devesh Srivastava (AI Leader at Cisco) & ISW Meditation & Yoga Facilitator at ISW on Saturday & Sunday.

  • 17 Mar 2024 4:41 PM | Anonymous
    ISWU & IIT Agne How To Survive the ChatGPT Invasion - Strategies for Parents & Students

    Link to full video March 16, 2024   

    Atharv Deshpande, 10th Grade, Shrewsbury High School, Shrewsbury, MA, and Registrar, ISW University, India Society of Worcester, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 

    ISW University and IIT - AGNE partnered together to organize an event to bring renowned Professor Po-Shen Loh to give a talk at ISW. Professor Loh teaches math at Carnegie Mellon University and gave this talk directed towards middle/high school students. The event started off with a brief introduction about ISW and our initiatives to inform those who had been to ISW for the first time. Ms. Durriya Doctor, the president of IIT - AGNE, then went on to explain how the event came to be in the first place. She then went on to briefly introduce Professor Loh to the audience. Prof. Loh is Singaporean as his parents were immigrants, but grew up in Madison Wisconsin. He has coached the U.S. math Olympiad team for the past 10 years and led them to 4 wins which had not happened since 1994. Professor Loh travels all around the world for different talks and events, in which he meets many notable people. He started getting into the talk about education broadly.

              Prof. Loh went over a variety of topics to help parents and students succeed. Firstly, he went over how nowadays, kids have the “get a good exam score” and only learn what they need to and always think “will this be on the test.” They don’t have as much passion for learning different things, not even related to academics. He explains how being challenged and being curious will help the new generation’s problem-solving abilities and help them as a person. Companies look for employees who can deal with adversity and don’t always need “hints” or help. He connects these new thought processes to college as kids want to get into a good college for good credentials, then acquire a good job. What is not realized by many students and parents of students, is that universities “want a star, not a black hole.” This means they want a well-rounded person who also has a good personality. While you do need technical skills for college, it is not enough to get into prestigious colleges. Throughout the talk, Professor Loh shows different videos and images. He shows a form that teachers must fill out for a recommendation to schools, and it displays that they ask about many social skills and personal skills rather than academic achievements. Next, Professor Loh explains his initiative to try to make an impact on the younger community. First, he is in the process of making a free platform for middle schoolers to do math on. It is like He learned that in China, students were more competitive, while in the U.S. students would gladly share ideas with their peers. The website is sort of a game where you are with other students all around the world online, and you solve math problems. If someone does not get the answer or understands it, the student who does get it can help the other student understand through the chat. He is incentivizing kids to help each other, to create better students and wholesome people. If you help another student, you are rewarded “brain points.” He is making kids realize that helping others feels good, which in whole will help them make connections in the future and not be so competitive. His other initiative he shared was an online math tutoring class taught by high schoolers. It sets the format of a “twitch gaming stream” to keep the students on task and help them pay attention. This helps the high schoolers as they are helping others, while also gaining personality skills to make the class a bit more interesting.

              Overall, this event was very successful, and the audience gained a lot from it. It ended with the audience being free to ask questions.

  • 4 Mar 2024 1:14 PM | Anonymous

    In partnership with LearnQuest,  ISW Symphony hosted vocalist Aditya Shah and Veena artist Ram Naidu. 

    The program was part of what is now becoming an annual tradition - a pre-conference event leading up to one of the largest Indian Classical music festivals in the country - The LearnQuest Music Festival 

    At the program - LQ organizers announced that dues-paying ISW Members will be eligible for a 10% discount on the music conference ticket.  Please watch for details. 

  • 23 Feb 2024 3:42 PM | Anonymous

    Ekta Dance Academy in collaboration with ISW is performing at the Celtics game on March 18th 2024 Monday at TD Garden. 45 students will take the floor to show off the magic of Bollywood dance, choreographed by Ekta Jain. Practices are in full swing and we are all excited for the big day. We are hoping to be able to offer  FB live from ISW FB page.  Tune in before game starts at 7.30 pm  It will not be televised on regular TV

    Boston Celtics vs. Detroit Pistons: Monday March 18 2024

    Tickets at the box office start at $82 

  • 19 Feb 2024 1:12 PM | Anonymous

    By Swara Gurav.
    On February 10th, 2024, an enchanting conversation with the most talented women in our community took place. Diving into one of the essential topics of our time, the event showcased a conversation between women leaders who are passionate about classical and Fusion dance. The esteemed panelists have devoted their lives to advancing and disseminating the rich cultural heritage embedded in this ancient art form to the global platform. The panelists all brought out their beautiful understanding of the art form, along with providing the audience with their experience of how they dedicated their lives to nurturing and showcasing this ancient art form. Embracing the true essence and passion they have about their respective dance forms, each panelist’s goal is to pass on this strength to generations and to preserve the heritage. Thank you to our outstanding panelists, Darshana ji, Kalai ji, Devika ji, Shridevi ji, and Jasmine Ji, for enlightening us with your knowledge of the artistic reflection of our cultural diaspora.

    Placeholder image

  • 18 Feb 2024 11:19 AM | Anonymous

    by Ragoo Raghunathan

    If you’ve seen a hall pack fast for a popular concert, the sight on this day at the India Center was no less. Over 150 people registered and showed up well before curtain time. Well, the event was our ISW-PEN program, the topic was Tax related and the speaker was The Guru Tax-fame Dr Satya Mitra himself, who also happens to be a best seller author of the book The 5 C’s, a book talking about tips to success for entrepreneurs and leaders.

    This event was held on Saturday 17th Feb, 2024 as always at the India center at 11am. Dr Mitra started his presentation covering various topics including latest updates in tax laws, tax saving tips, how to report and deal with gifts and inheritance from abroad and tips for entrepreneurs and rental property owners. The topic was timely and the presentation was clear, concise and flawless. After the 45 min presentation Dr Mitra answered audience questions for around 1 hr as the audience kept asking question over question to the extent that the organizers Ragoo and Kelly (co-chairs of ISW-PEN) had to restrict each person to 2 questions.

    Dr Mitra tirelessly answered all the questions while saying it gives him the greatest pleasure to answer questions from the audience. He also shared his business card and encouraged people to reach out with more questions. What started off as a one hour session happened to run for 2.5 hrs. This proved to be one of the best sessions we have had so far as part of ISW-PEN.

    The event was live cast on the ISW Facebook page and can be seen for 30 day at this link:

  • 16 Feb 2024 2:01 PM | Anonymous

    ISW Annual General Body Meeting 2024

    We held a successful ISW Annual General Body meeting on Feb 4th 2024. In addition to the President's and committee reports the new Nomination Committee for 2024-26 was unanimously elected. Also made few amendments to ISW bylaws by the governance committee.

    Please check out the Annual report and updated bylaws here.

  • 6 Feb 2024 7:07 AM | Anonymous

    The India Society Executive Board is proud to welcome the following members for the Committee on Nominations. They were elected during the Annual General Body meeting on Feb 4 2024. 

    Term :  Jan 2024 - Jan 2026. 


    • Shaimin Melville
    • Sahdev Passey
    • Sarita Deshpande
    • Ragoo Raghunathan
    • Poonam Hingorany

    The ISW EB  would also like to thank the outgoing members of this committee for their stellar contributions to the society.

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