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  • 9 Jul 2021 11:21 AM | Anonymous

    - Tanvi Gahlot

    My name is Tanvi Gahlot and I am one of the volunteers for ISW. I am going to be going into my sophomore year at WHS. Below I have listed some of the volunteer opportunities at ISW with a small description and links to forms. 

    1. IYG - https://iswonline.org/page-18066 

    The Indian Youth Group is a group of 7th-12th graders for the youth, run by the youth. We have meetings once every month and have many volunteer opportunities. Some of these include dance events, walks to raise awareness for issues, and many other fun events. I have been a part of  IYG since 7th grade and I have learned a lot and truly enjoyed the whole experience. 

    If your child is interested please email iyg@iswonline.org for more information and to join. 

    2. Tutoring- https://iswonline.org/page-18129 

    ISW has a great program called "ISW University". Currently, over the summer we are running a 8 week long summer camp with subjects ranging from Math and English to Robotics and Coding. Additionally, there is a year long tutoring program where high schoolers can tutor younger kids in varies subjects. I am a tutor year long and am also volunteering for the summer camp, I’ve loved teaching kids a lot since the pandemic hit and this program started. 

    If your child is interested please email iswuniversity@iswonline.org for more information and to join click here

    3. eSandesh- https://iswonline.org/eSandesh-Newsletter 

    Each month ISW publishes 2 newsletters. In this newsletter there is a "youth corner" which many high schoolers and middle schoolers volunteer for. I actually write for the eSandesh and do career profiles and interviews of people in different career fields. However, the eSandesh has a variety of topics, such as poems and articles. 

    If your child is interested in writing for the eSandesh please contact newsletter@iswonline.orgrajmelville@gmail.com , ragoo_93@yahoo.com . 

    4. Events- https://iswonline.org/page-18090?EventViewMode=1&EventListViewMode=2&SelectedDate=7/8/2021&CalendarViewType=0 

    Each year ISW has many event would never be as fun without all the hardworking volunteers. Currently, the India Day Event is coming up and we need may volunteers.

    India Day Event Information: https://iswonline.org/event-4380319?CalendarViewType=0&SelectedDate=6/8/2021 

    If your child is interested in volunteering for the ISW India Day Event please fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/zR4ygHEuHzi51kKc7 

    For questions about the India Day Event please contact president@iswonline.org 

    I hope this helps! 

    - Tanvi Gahlot

  • 31 May 2021 1:31 PM | Anonymous
        ISW organized an event on May 23rd at the new India Center. The event was organized to give a tribute to the loved ones who were impacted by COVID in India. The musical evening was designed as a gesture of respect to our healthcare professionals and an expression of solidarity and unity.  The program was held at the India center with a limited capacity (taking into consideration of state guidelines)
        The program opened up with its title song ‘Hum Honge Kamyab’ (we all will overcome these difficult times and will be successful one day). This song was presented and sung by our very own cultural chair ‘Amita Rao and her kids Kian and Tanisha Rao. ‘Hum Honge Kamyab - portrays a simple fable that regardless of the difficult path ahead of us, we will succeed!  The simple poetry by Vasant Bapat  with beautiful Marathi words - ‘Gagan Sadan Tejomay - Timir Harun Karunakar’ a prayer was sung by Dr. Vidya Bhide. Many performers, volunteers, and members have got connected to the ISW community during this pandemic. Many distant members from out of Massachusetts, out of the country;  were able to be a part of our ISW community during this time when we did many live stream events. Vidya ji Bhide is no exception to this- Dr. Bhide started learning and practicing for her musical love at the age of 60+ and has been keeping herself busy with melody. 

      A well known Classical music teacher, an entrepreneur and a great vocalist Vandana Rao presented a nice musical rendition of the song ‘Teri Mitti’ from the movie ‘Kesari’. A group of youth artists - Nivetha, Sruthi, Sravya and Pranav offered a beautiful song from the film ‘Razi - Aye Vatan Vatan in the honor of Motherland India. This mellifluous presentation was very well appreciated by the audience. The Shrewsbury School Principal Mr. Jonathan Kelly sent a special message to those whose families / friends have been affected by COVID in India. ISW Language and Culture School students’ devotional bhajan of ‘Hey Ram’ , Mr. Ernest Gulla and Mrs. Manjula’s prayer and text from the Bible were presented to maintain the peace and serenity in the environment of these tough times. Ashita Shekhar talked about the importance of Meditation during these difficult and tough times to keep oneself positive and strong.

        ISW School teacher and a passionate Hindi Poet Asha Singh recited a poem, portraying the message ‘Together we will win’. ‘काम हो अच्छे हमारे और नियत साफ हो -  a lovely song on Humanity was presented by Dr. Jagan Srinivasan - A professor at WPI who is passionate about music, sports and one of the  enthusiastic volunteers of ISW.  The  great words written by Mahatma Gandhi -  ‘Vaishnav Jan To’ were rendered by Sharmishta Bera in her beautiful voice. Nisha Bawa (ISW Religious Chair) performed another sweet bhajan in the line up of the program.  Nityajit Hem- a great anchor/ music maker and event manager;  recited a poem written by Priya Vaidya ( An engineer by profession but a versatile artist at heart) followed by a Hindi song ‘चलो हसने की कोई वजह ढूंढते है’   (Let’s find a reason to laugh) composed and sung by Sarita Deshpande.
     The musical evening was concluded by the chorus ‘We Shall Overcome’ performed by all the committee members to display Unity and Solidarity. The song lyrics were improvised by Aditi Tayler and music arrangement was done by Sarita. 
            Let’s all hope for the bright light at the end of this tunnel, let’s hold hands together and walk the path ahead with positivity and optimism. The program was conceptualized by Snehalata Kadam and Shiamin Melville  and designed by Puneet Kohli and Sarita Deshpande.
  • 8 May 2021 3:44 PM | Anonymous

    ISW University presented online webinar on QI (key)communication skills for middle schoolers on May 8, 2021.

    The Facilitators were Dhruv Jagan and  Aashi Gupta, 8th graders, Oak Middle School, Shrewsbury, MA . They give tips on how to  strengthen student's confidence in speaking up and communicating. With better communications skills, students will then be less fearful of asking a “wrong question,” or feeling shy about asking a question or making a statement in front of a class. They introduced the concept of Qi (pronounced 'key') skills which are mostly communication skills, but they also included emotional aspects such as confidence and courage. These skills include ME and WE skills.

    • ME skills are self-management skills and includes keeping track of your work, good behavior, and respecting other people and teachers.
    • WE skills, or playing Well with others, includes group work, teamwork in sports, and working together with your friends.

    The webinar concluded with a Kahoot game,  a list of resources for the attendees and feedback from the attendees as they introducted themselves.

    Next session is on Time Management in June 2021

    Link to the ISW YouTube recording

  • 28 Apr 2021 12:59 PM | Anonymous

    Here's the consolidated list of COVID Resources, complied by Amita  Not all have been verified by ISW, this is just a listing

    List of Resources:  Please send email to Amita if you have others you want to add

  • 26 Apr 2021 9:15 PM | Anonymous

      We are happy to announce results of the Art Contest.

    Red Group 4-5years

    1st place  - Ashvika Agrawal  
    2nd place - Shataneek Dasgupta
    3rd place - Arjun Badenehal
    Blue Group A 6-8 years
    1st place - Aayushi Das Gupta
    2nd place - Riana Sukhija
    3rd place - Yashika Pal
    Blue Group B 6-8 years
    1st place - Soumili Dey
    2nd place - Sathveega Karthik
    3rd place - Prachi Nayak
    Yellow Group A 9-12 years
    1st place - Mishka Chellappa
    2nd place - Ishita Agrawal
    3rd place - Saanvi Basu
    Yellow Group B 9-12 years

    1st place - Tanvi Badenehal

    2nd place - Sohan Hegde 

    3rd place - Jagruti Mazumdar

    Green Group 13-17 years
    1st place - Esther Antony
    2nd place - Smrithi Krishnaswamy
    3rd place -  Tanushree Nekenti

    Congratulations to all the winners!! 

    ISW Symphony initiative is bringing to you an Art Contest for all ages. The platform is  to express all our local artists, artists from all over the country, their inner creativity, emotions through drawing, painting and artwork.

      In the effort of giving a platform to artists, Shviangi Das Gupta came up with an idea of Virtual Art Contest. 

       The concept and idea of this event was seeded by one of our brilliant and ingenious IYG (Indian Youth Group) members - Shivangi Dasgupta.  This young lady had worked hard on planning and chalking out the format of the contest, registration form, themes, and many other logistical aspects. 

    The goal of raising some funds from this event for ISW was visioned by Shivangi and team. The goal was pretty much accomplished. 

       More than 60 artists participate in the contest.  The contest was held via live zoom sessions, when more than 15 IYG volunteers conducted these sessions while contestants were engaged in their creativity on the morning of Saturday April 24th. The contestants were  given themes to work on their art and they were working on their art work during this event on Saturday. 

      ISW is fortunate to have an amazing Judges’ Panel of Avni Chheda, Aradhita Sarkar, Sharmistha Bhattacharya Dutta, Rashmi Pitre, Dr. Java Joshi. (meet our Judges

      The winners will be recognized by certificates and rewards. The winners’ artwork will be published on our website for some period of time.

     Our Volunteers 

    Shviangi Dasgupta - Initiator, Coordinator, Main Lead

    Swara Gurao,  Prachet Mahawar, Atharv Deshpande, Arnav Sharma, Siddharth Deshmukh, Soumya Warty, Tanvi Gahlot, Pranav Manjrekar, Devishi Jain, Surabhi Dindore

    Advisors: Anu Debaroy, Shiamin Melville, Sarita Deshpande

  • 24 Apr 2021 10:38 PM | Anonymous

    ISW University Summer Camp 2021:  REGISTRATIONS are now closed

    We have summer classes in English, Math, Introduction to Robotics, Arts/Crafts, Scratch Programming etc being scheduled.  The cost per class is  approx $40 for 8 sessions.  If you sign up for two classes, the cost is $80, and so on.  The Introductions to Robotics camps is $25 for 5 days. Each class is  45+mins

    Camp  starts  June 28 to August 13 for 8 weeks. The classes are all online. 


    For now we have assigned  the tutors, who signed up as of May 30, 2021.  If you are interested in being a volunteer, you are welcome to  enroll, however we are unable to assign any classes to you until we get students to sign up with our current schedule.

    Thank you for your interest, and depending on demand Usha Aunty will contact you for an interview.

    If you are interested in signing up, register asap

    Any questions do contact our Summer 2021 Team, we can add you to our email group.

    Usha Yadav, and Kalpana Choudhary 

    Shiamin Melville, Advisor 508-353-4316

  • 17 Apr 2021 8:34 PM | Anonymous

    June 12, 2021 College application process: Standardized Tests - Everything you need to know:

    Link to ISW YouTube recording.

    Speaker: Donna Cox of Cox Tutoring Group:

     Donna answered many of the questions parents have about standardized tests and walked the parents and students through  a step by step guideline to SAT & ACT tests and spoke to the following:

    *Differences between the SAT and the ACT*Timing of tests - when the SAT and ACT are offered and when detailed reports are available

    *Timing of prep - when to start, duration of weekly tutoring

    *Difference between SAT optional and SAT blind

    *Score Choice and Superscore

    *ACT single-subject retesting

    We heard from Mahathi Gopinath, current HS student and her experience on preparing for the SAT tests, and retakes. 
    Donna holds a magna cum laude Mathematics degree from Salve Regina University and was a National Merit Finalist. Donna spent the first thirty years of her professional career in the computer industry, as a programmer, a systems analyst, and a trainer. Donna has been preparing students for the SAT and ACT tests since 2003.

    Moderators Poonam and Sanjay Hingorany

    Please send any questions to collegeconnect@iswonline.org

    ---Dr. Mayank Jaiswal and Poonam Hingorany

    May 22, 2021Saturday: 11.00 am  Financial planning and College Advisors.

    Kanan Sachdeva, MBA, CFP®️, ChFC®️, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual and Patrick Herndon,  Certified College Advisor were the panelists.  Our moderators were Mayank Jaiswal /Ramendra Chauhan

    Recording on ISW Youtube link

    April 17, 2021 Summary

    College application process: College Essays: Crafting a great college application.   

    Ms.Susan Goodkin, a graduate of Harvard University, Harvard Law School, and Oxford University, spoke about crafting/creating a great college application. For the college essay, it was key to have a captivating opening sentence plus she cautioned against using humor or dark cynical views.  The college counsellor has two minutes to read an essay that the applicant has spent countless hours on, so it is important to be upbeat, and perhaps share what one has learnt from a struggle or a hobby.  

    For the second half, Dhriti Aiylam, Junior at Northeastern University, Aditya Hoque, Junior at  Brown University and Aditya Khanna, Sophomore/Junior at Rochester Institute of Technology shared their personal experiences. In order to view their insights, click here. Session was moderated by Mayank and Shiamin.

    From Tanvi, one of the attendees:  I thought the personal statement examples that the students as well as Ms. Goodkin gave were really unique and informative. Furthermore, the tips the students gave, to research the college was really helpful. Dhriti’s idea about the specific structure and planning a few sentences about the personal statement and then giving it some time, and also reviewing it with  an outsider was really great and helpful.  

    MARCH 20, 2021  summary

    Summary: College Application Process: 'Let's talk ! Keeping the lines of communications open'

    ---Dr. Mayank Jaiswal and Poonam Hingorany.

    Please send any questions to collegeconnect@iswonline.org

    We had more than 20 attend the webinar on March 20 as part of ISW's initiative on providing information and support for  parents and students  whilst they navigate the college application process.  Led by Shubh Agrawal, School Counselor, Worcester Academy and IYG Advisor and Ramendra, Ruchi and Yash Chauhan , we delved into how to keep sane and keep family relationships on an even keel throughout the college application process, with emphasis on students in high school.  Shubh used the analogy that parent's role at this time is similar to their role when their teenager first learns to drive.  The student is in the driver's seat and the parent is there as a guide.

    Thoughts shared by Yash Chauhan, Freshman at Northeastern University , Boston

    Whether it be debating between taking the SAT or ACT or attempting to figure out the so called “formula” that admission’s departments use, the American college admissions process is already an overly complicated task. However, it is made far more difficult and strenuous when there is a lack of open communication between parent and student. This is especially true for individuals with parents who were brought up in India and as such, are not as familiar with the American application process. In such a situation, the student should realize that when their parents asks them questions about certain aspects of the application, it isn’t due to them attempting to criticize the student or micromanage them, but usually just because they are genuinely curious about the process. Conversely, parents too should understand that this is a process that is primarily incumbent on the student. Although parents should always provide guidance and encouragement, they should never just take over. The skills that students develop during the application process will serve them well in the future, but only if parents let go a little and allow them to go through this experience. Even though parents should not take over, keeping an open dialogue throughout the process such as discussing what the family can afford, allows for students and parents to get the most out of the process while mitigating future conflicts. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that what matters more than where you go college is what you do during your time there; so aim high, but remember that wherever you end up going, you still have the opportunity to accomplish great things.

    College Stress Management_Shubh.pdf


    Next sessions are as follows: 

    Future 2021: High school graduates discuss the process on how they made  their college/major selections.

    Future 2021: Workshop on College Essays.

    College Connect Team

    Mayank Jaiswal, Facilitator & Professor at Rider College

    Shubh Agrawal, Counselor, Worcester Academy

    Poonam & Sanjay Hingorany, parents of undergrad and grad college students

    Ramendra & Ruchi Chauhan, parents of middle school and college freshman children

    Snehlata & Jagan Srinivasan, parents of middle school students & themselves college professors

    Aaryan Bhatt, HS Senior from Harvard, MA.

    Shiamin Melville

  • 11 Apr 2021 10:06 AM | Anonymous
    FREE ONLINE YOGA  open to  Adults & Youth 40 mins

    Daily 6.30 am Yoga Hemant Gera, disciple of Bharatiya Yog Sansthan, Delhi. WhatsApp contact +91-98102 48623

    Mondays 10 am Chair Yoga by Latha Radhakrishnan 

    Tuesdays 11 am Chairobics by Stuti Khanna

    Saturdays 11 am Chairobics by Stuti Khanna

    TBD Meditation by Sreedhar Shanmugavelu (Heartfulness.org) WhatsApp contact +1(510) 361-9839

    Request to be added to WhatsApp group for above sessions

    Ragini Seth 508-330-0884

    Shiamin Melville 508-353-4316 

    For membership information go to www: iswonline.org

    In person TBD: India Center, 152 Main Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545


  • 27 Feb 2021 9:09 AM | Anonymous

    ISW Puzzle Challenge - II


    Over the February vacation week, Feb 12-21, ISW successfully conducted its second Puzzle/Lego Structure Challenge. Due to popular request, we included Lego structures in addition to 1000 piece puzzles. We had over a dozen families participate this time around. Doing the puzzle and building Lego structure gave families a much needed break from screen time after a year long online schooling in the case of most students. The interest in the challenge was so high that many families completed not just one item, but multiple puzzles or Lego structures.

    Here are our winners:

    1000 piece puzzle:

    Beena Krishnan

    Debbie Goswami and family

    Lego structure:

    Moksh Manmode

    Arin Shinde

    Even though this challenge is over, we strongly encourage families to continue puzzling. We are working on setting up a puzzle exchange at India Center. Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you all soon at our next challenge.

    -Puzzle Committee

  • 14 Feb 2021 9:34 PM | Anonymous

    ISW Harvest Festival 2021

    On Sat, Feb 13, 2021, we kicked off the first major event of the ISW calendar year – The Harvest Festival. And what a great way to start!!

    This was our way of beginning the new year with positivity, prosperity and happiness. As per Indian mythology, Harvest festival (which is known by different names in different regions in India) marks the end of an unfavorable phase and the beginning of a holy phase. Particularly in the villages of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Himachal, West Bengal and Punjab, people celebrate the harvesting of new crops with bonfires, carnivals, songs, dances, kite flying and rallies.

    For obvious reasons, we could not gather in person as in previous years. However, we invited the extended ISW community to come participate in the cultural event and dance competition virtually. And it was met with tremendous interest.

    The event was kicked off virtually and streamed LIVE on ISW’s Facebook page.

    The program ran for more than 3 hours and consisted of 35 performances ranging from Indian classical dances to semi classical dances interspersed with Bollywood medleys, poem recitations and even a very lively debate. All the dances were brilliantly choreographed and extremely entertaining to young and old alike.

    If you missed the event, you can still view it at the following links -

    Live 1 - https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=923983718407338&ref=watch_permalink

    Live 2 -https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=901184797402446&ref=watch_permalink 

    As always, these events are not possible without our ISW family and community participation. Each one of them contributes to the success that we talk about here.

    We thank our participants for sharing their talent and love with us.

    We thank our judges for sharing their knowledge and time to encourage our participants.

    We thank the ISW Cultural committee and our volunteers for putting countless hours into making this event a success.

    And we cannot do this without our sponsors, a BIG thank you to them as well.

    COngratulations!! Nartika (dance contest) winners!

    Semi classical/Bollywood


    Below 9 years:
    Ekta Dance Academy - 1st winner
    Street Dancers - 2nd winner
    Academy of Creative Arts - Little Kids - 3rd winner

    9-12 YEARS:

    Odhani - 1st winner
    Girls on Fire - 2nd winner
    Performing Arts of New England - 3rd winner

    13-17 years:

    Performing Arts of New England - 1st winner
    Vande Matram - 2nd winner
    Girls of the Galaxy - 3rd winner

    18+ years:

    Boston Desi Hoppers - 1st winner
    The Dholikaars - 2nd winner
    Hellaro - 3rd winner

    Below 9 years:

    Amudhasri Dance School - 1st winner
    Mona's Dance Academy - 2nd winner

    9-12 years:

    Upasana - 1st winner
    Amudhasri dance school - 2nd winner
    Amudhasri dance school - 3rd winner

    13-17 years:

    Performing Arts of New England - 1st winner

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