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  • 24 Apr 2021 10:38 PM | Anonymous

    ISW University Summer Camp 2021:  REGISTRATIONS are now closed

    We have summer classes in English, Math, Introduction to Robotics, Arts/Crafts, Scratch Programming etc being scheduled.  The cost per class is  approx $40 for 8 sessions.  If you sign up for two classes, the cost is $80, and so on.  The Introductions to Robotics camps is $25 for 5 days. Each class is  45+mins

    Camp  starts  June 28 to August 13 for 8 weeks. The classes are all online. 


    For now we have assigned  the tutors, who signed up as of May 30, 2021.  If you are interested in being a volunteer, you are welcome to  enroll, however we are unable to assign any classes to you until we get students to sign up with our current schedule.

    Thank you for your interest, and depending on demand Usha Aunty will contact you for an interview.

    If you are interested in signing up, register asap

    Any questions do contact our Summer 2021 Team, we can add you to our email group.

    Usha Yadav, and Kalpana Choudhary 

    Shiamin Melville, Advisor 508-353-4316

  • 17 Apr 2021 8:34 PM | Anonymous

    June 12, 2021 College application process: Standardized Tests - Everything you need to know:

    Link to ISW YouTube recording.

    Speaker: Donna Cox of Cox Tutoring Group:

     Donna answered many of the questions parents have about standardized tests and walked the parents and students through  a step by step guideline to SAT & ACT tests and spoke to the following:

    *Differences between the SAT and the ACT*Timing of tests - when the SAT and ACT are offered and when detailed reports are available

    *Timing of prep - when to start, duration of weekly tutoring

    *Difference between SAT optional and SAT blind

    *Score Choice and Superscore

    *ACT single-subject retesting

    We heard from Mahathi Gopinath, current HS student and her experience on preparing for the SAT tests, and retakes. 
    Donna holds a magna cum laude Mathematics degree from Salve Regina University and was a National Merit Finalist. Donna spent the first thirty years of her professional career in the computer industry, as a programmer, a systems analyst, and a trainer. Donna has been preparing students for the SAT and ACT tests since 2003.

    Moderators Poonam and Sanjay Hingorany

    Please send any questions to

    ---Dr. Mayank Jaiswal and Poonam Hingorany

    May 22, 2021Saturday: 11.00 am  Financial planning and College Advisors.

    Kanan Sachdeva, MBA, CFP®️, ChFC®️, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual and Patrick Herndon,  Certified College Advisor were the panelists.  Our moderators were Mayank Jaiswal /Ramendra Chauhan

    Recording on ISW Youtube link

    April 17, 2021 Summary

    College application process: College Essays: Crafting a great college application.   

    Ms.Susan Goodkin, a graduate of Harvard University, Harvard Law School, and Oxford University, spoke about crafting/creating a great college application. For the college essay, it was key to have a captivating opening sentence plus she cautioned against using humor or dark cynical views.  The college counsellor has two minutes to read an essay that the applicant has spent countless hours on, so it is important to be upbeat, and perhaps share what one has learnt from a struggle or a hobby.  

    For the second half, Dhriti Aiylam, Junior at Northeastern University, Aditya Hoque, Junior at  Brown University and Aditya Khanna, Sophomore/Junior at Rochester Institute of Technology shared their personal experiences. In order to view their insights, click here. Session was moderated by Mayank and Shiamin.

    From Tanvi, one of the attendees:  I thought the personal statement examples that the students as well as Ms. Goodkin gave were really unique and informative. Furthermore, the tips the students gave, to research the college was really helpful. Dhriti’s idea about the specific structure and planning a few sentences about the personal statement and then giving it some time, and also reviewing it with  an outsider was really great and helpful.  

    MARCH 20, 2021  summary

    Summary: College Application Process: 'Let's talk ! Keeping the lines of communications open'

    ---Dr. Mayank Jaiswal and Poonam Hingorany.

    Please send any questions to

    We had more than 20 attend the webinar on March 20 as part of ISW's initiative on providing information and support for  parents and students  whilst they navigate the college application process.  Led by Shubh Agrawal, School Counselor, Worcester Academy and IYG Advisor and Ramendra, Ruchi and Yash Chauhan , we delved into how to keep sane and keep family relationships on an even keel throughout the college application process, with emphasis on students in high school.  Shubh used the analogy that parent's role at this time is similar to their role when their teenager first learns to drive.  The student is in the driver's seat and the parent is there as a guide.

    Thoughts shared by Yash Chauhan, Freshman at Northeastern University , Boston

    Whether it be debating between taking the SAT or ACT or attempting to figure out the so called “formula” that admission’s departments use, the American college admissions process is already an overly complicated task. However, it is made far more difficult and strenuous when there is a lack of open communication between parent and student. This is especially true for individuals with parents who were brought up in India and as such, are not as familiar with the American application process. In such a situation, the student should realize that when their parents asks them questions about certain aspects of the application, it isn’t due to them attempting to criticize the student or micromanage them, but usually just because they are genuinely curious about the process. Conversely, parents too should understand that this is a process that is primarily incumbent on the student. Although parents should always provide guidance and encouragement, they should never just take over. The skills that students develop during the application process will serve them well in the future, but only if parents let go a little and allow them to go through this experience. Even though parents should not take over, keeping an open dialogue throughout the process such as discussing what the family can afford, allows for students and parents to get the most out of the process while mitigating future conflicts. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that what matters more than where you go college is what you do during your time there; so aim high, but remember that wherever you end up going, you still have the opportunity to accomplish great things.

    College Stress Management_Shubh.pdf


    Next sessions are as follows: 

    Future 2021: High school graduates discuss the process on how they made  their college/major selections.

    Future 2021: Workshop on College Essays.

    College Connect Team

    Mayank Jaiswal, Facilitator & Professor at Rider College

    Shubh Agrawal, Counselor, Worcester Academy

    Poonam & Sanjay Hingorany, parents of undergrad and grad college students

    Ramendra & Ruchi Chauhan, parents of middle school and college freshman children

    Snehlata & Jagan Srinivasan, parents of middle school students & themselves college professors

    Aaryan Bhatt, HS Senior from Harvard, MA.

    Shiamin Melville

  • 11 Apr 2021 10:06 AM | Anonymous
    FREE ONLINE YOGA  open to  Adults & Youth 40 mins

    Daily 6.30 am Yoga Hemant Gera, disciple of Bharatiya Yog Sansthan, Delhi. WhatsApp contact +91-98102 48623

    Mondays 10 am Chair Yoga by Latha Radhakrishnan 

    Tuesdays 11 am Chairobics by Stuti Khanna

    Saturdays 11 am Chairobics by Stuti Khanna

    TBD Meditation by Sreedhar Shanmugavelu ( WhatsApp contact +1(510) 361-9839

    Request to be added to WhatsApp group for above sessions

    Ragini Seth 508-330-0884

    Shiamin Melville 508-353-4316 

    For membership information go to www:

    In person TBD: India Center, 152 Main Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545


  • 27 Feb 2021 9:09 AM | Anonymous

    ISW Puzzle Challenge - II

    Over the February vacation week, Feb 12-21, ISW successfully conducted its second Puzzle/Lego Structure Challenge. Due to popular request, we included Lego structures in addition to 1000 piece puzzles. We had over a dozen families participate this time around. Doing the puzzle and building Lego structure gave families a much needed break from screen time after a year long online schooling in the case of most students. The interest in the challenge was so high that many families completed not just one item, but multiple puzzles or Lego structures.

    Here are our winners:

    1000 piece puzzle:

    Beena Krishnan

    Debbie Goswami and family

    Lego structure:

    Moksh Manmode

    Arin Shinde

    Even though this challenge is over, we strongly encourage families to continue puzzling. We are working on setting up a puzzle exchange at India Center. Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you all soon at our next challenge.

    -Puzzle Committee

  • 14 Feb 2021 9:34 PM | Anonymous

    ISW Harvest Festival 2021

    On Sat, Feb 13, 2021, we kicked off the first major event of the ISW calendar year – The Harvest Festival. And what a great way to start!!

    This was our way of beginning the new year with positivity, prosperity and happiness. As per Indian mythology, Harvest festival (which is known by different names in different regions in India) marks the end of an unfavorable phase and the beginning of a holy phase. Particularly in the villages of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Himachal, West Bengal and Punjab, people celebrate the harvesting of new crops with bonfires, carnivals, songs, dances, kite flying and rallies.

    For obvious reasons, we could not gather in person as in previous years. However, we invited the extended ISW community to come participate in the cultural event and dance competition virtually. And it was met with tremendous interest.

    The event was kicked off virtually and streamed LIVE on ISW’s Facebook page.

    The program ran for more than 3 hours and consisted of 35 performances ranging from Indian classical dances to semi classical dances interspersed with Bollywood medleys, poem recitations and even a very lively debate. All the dances were brilliantly choreographed and extremely entertaining to young and old alike.

    If you missed the event, you can still view it at the following links -

    Live 1 -

    Live 2 - 

    As always, these events are not possible without our ISW family and community participation. Each one of them contributes to the success that we talk about here.

    We thank our participants for sharing their talent and love with us.

    We thank our judges for sharing their knowledge and time to encourage our participants.

    We thank the ISW Cultural committee and our volunteers for putting countless hours into making this event a success.

    And we cannot do this without our sponsors, a BIG thank you to them as well.

    COngratulations!! Nartika (dance contest) winners!

    Semi classical/Bollywood


    Below 9 years:
    Ekta Dance Academy - 1st winner
    Street Dancers - 2nd winner
    Academy of Creative Arts - Little Kids - 3rd winner

    9-12 YEARS:

    Odhani - 1st winner
    Girls on Fire - 2nd winner
    Performing Arts of New England - 3rd winner

    13-17 years:

    Performing Arts of New England - 1st winner
    Vande Matram - 2nd winner
    Girls of the Galaxy - 3rd winner

    18+ years:

    Boston Desi Hoppers - 1st winner
    The Dholikaars - 2nd winner
    Hellaro - 3rd winner

    Below 9 years:

    Amudhasri Dance School - 1st winner
    Mona's Dance Academy - 2nd winner

    9-12 years:

    Upasana - 1st winner
    Amudhasri dance school - 2nd winner
    Amudhasri dance school - 3rd winner

    13-17 years:

    Performing Arts of New England - 1st winner

  • 29 Jan 2021 4:28 PM | Anonymous

    Please use this link to Donate for this event only via credit card

    SCENER link

    if you click the link it will automatically lead you to create an account which takes only a few seconds! 

    With February marking Black History Month, it’s more important than ever to recognize the ways we can use our resources to help aid racial equity efforts. Throughout the month of February, SAYAA is encouraging those who can to donate to organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club of Worcester. Donating helps those who are disproportionately affected by economic downturns, and even a small amount can go a long way.

    SAYAA will screen "13th" in an online Movie Night.  We would love to have you, your family, and your friends join us!  Funds raised will be donated to The Boys and Girls Club of Worcester (

    SAYAA South Asian Activists and Allies at ISW is dedicated to disseminating resources about important social justice and racial equity initiatives while also increasing our own self-reflection of the role South Asian communities can play in supporting social justice and promoting activism to combat such trends.

    If you are between the ages of 15-35 and are interested in joining us or learning more, please contact with any questions or inquiries.

  • 29 Jan 2021 10:51 AM | Anonymous

    January 23, 2021

    The webinar was held on January 23, 2021, with 57+ attendees. It was a 90-minute webinar, the first part was an information presentation led by Dr. Mayank Jaiswal as the facilitator and Ms. Shubh Agrawal. It was followed by a question and answer session with a parents’ panel comprising Poonam & Sanjay Hingorany, Snehlata & Jagan Srinivasan, Ramendra & Ruchi Chauhan, and Aaryan Bhatt.

    Mayank took the discussion through the step by step process of applying for college.  He compared the process akin to presenting a bouquet of flowers where different flowers take different amounts of time to bloom, where the charm of each flower is best brought out by the careful nurturing during different phases of its horticultural cycle. It is important to track what interests the child, how s/he spends his/her free time, and Mayank gave suggestions on exposing the child through micro internships to different experiences or doing an assessment through the ‘Innate’ website.

    To help in choosing the right fit with a college, he suggested research using the MYFIT option in  US News and choosing different kinds of volunteer opportunities to build up credibility in defining the student goals.

    The slide presentation outlined the many moving parts of the college admission process, and the session addressed topics such as school grades, standardized tests, essays, extracurriculars, and financials. Shubh stressed the importance of ensuring the children's wellbeing throughout the process. The panelists had children ranging from the middle school to high school to college graduates and they offered brief insights into the admissions process, how to plan on saving for college and help families navigate the college selection process with minimal stress.

    The survey results confirmed the need for more information on Financial Aid, test preparation and volunteer opportunities. There was an interest in hearing from high school graduates on how they navigated their volunteer work and chose their college and their major.

    As a follow-up, we are proposing mini seminars on various topics of interest. We have also created a network of parents and students via, in the hope that we can create a community support framework for the families navigating this process.

     Upcoming Seminars: Saturdays 3.30 pm February - July 2021

    Overview Session (repeat of January 23 Session): July 2021: – free for all attendees

    Tentative Monthly: Mini Sessions - Free

    1.       Financial planning and college coaches.

    2.       Mental Wellness and time management.

    3.       Essay & Resume writing.

    4.       How to tackle Standardized Tests and College Interviews.

    5.       High school graduates discuss their college/major selections.

    6.       Negotiation and comparison of college financial packages and fees between big-name colleges and in-state colleges and universities.


    College Connect Team

    Mayank Jaiswal, Facilitator & Professor at Rider College

    Shubh Agrawal, Counselor, Worcester Academy

    Poonam & Sanjay Hingorany, parents of undergrad and grad college students

    Ramendra & Ruchi Chauhan, parents of middle school and college freshman

    Snehlata & Jagan Srinivasan, parents of middle school & themselves college professors

    Aaryan Bhatt, HS Senior from Harvard, MA.

    Shiamin Melville


    PDF of Slides

    Link to ISW YouTube Zoom recording.

    Please send any questions to

    ----------Dr. Mayank Jaiswal and Poonam Hingorany.  

  • 27 Jan 2021 12:20 PM | Anonymous

    ISW Puzzle Session 2 challenge for vacation week. begins February 12 at 5 pm. and ends February 21, 2021 at 5 pm. Last time 21 families joined, and we hope to start a puzzle exchange library in ISW Puzzles (Whatsapp group), so do contact us soon. Send a picture of the new puzzle to & on Feb 12 and your phone number.

    There will be public recognition for (a) the first completed puzzle/Lego, and (b) the most complicated puzzle/Lego. So 4 non-monetary prizes.

    Last challenge was a lot of fun.

    A 1000 piece puzzle or Lego can be used.

    ---Snehalata Kadam & Lucky Hoque

  • 3 Jan 2021 10:03 AM | Anonymous

    Puzzling with Puzzles ----Snehal Kadam

    As a parent, how many of you have bought the world map and map of India to hang it in your family room? Well I have! The hope was that my kids will look at it often. Clearly, I wasn’t right about it. And one fine day, I saw my friend finishing a very complex 1000 piece world map puzzle. Looking at the intricacy of the puzzle, gave me an idea. How better to educate my kids about geography of the world and reduce their screen time! :) It seemed like the perfect fun family activity. One problem though, how do I get my kids interested in this and yet make it engaging? I decided that having a reward-based puzzle competition sounded a great idea. Incentives are a good way of getting kids engaged in activities that are usually dealt with groans and whys!!

    We all know puzzles have many benefits like:

    1) it improves your short-term memory.

    2) it exercises the left and right sides of your brain at once, (thanks to my neuroscientist hubby!)

    3) improves your visual-spatial reasoning,

    4) a great meditation tool and stress reliever

    5) a great way to connect with family

    6) great for some needed alone time

    7) And You'll live longer

    My biggest bane as a teacher/mother/parent is getting into the winter vacation and having my whole family stuck to electronics. So the idea of getting away from the electronics accompanied with the puzzle competition made perfect sense. I borrowed the puzzle from my friend, Lucky and decided to get started with the kids. We even cleared out our kitchen island and all of us got together to separate the puzzle pieces. The task though overwhelming was a challenge as the first day was spent more about strategizing how to solve it. I was surprised to see each member of the family come up with different ideas. As we got on solving the puzzle, little did I realize that it was so much fun and rewarding to even figure out where a single piece went. Days went by and the puzzle started to come together. The smiles and discussions that went on the kitchen island was music to my ears. Remember all this went on with a 3 year old tugging our PJs to find out what the fun was ! So by the 6 th day, we had solved almost all of the puzzle, I mean we had 999 pieces on the board. But we were unable to find the last piece. The whole house got searching for the missing piece. Frustrations rose among the kids and us, as to where could the last piece have gone. Little did we all know that our 3-year old wanted to be involved in the puzzle. She had carefully hid the last piece in the partition of our sofa! Once found, the smiles returned and she placed the final piece in the right spot. The joy of a completed puzzle bought out our inner child and we all gave ourselves a group hug !

    When I decided to start the competition, I did not imagine so many families joining in. The excitement in the community was amazing as 21 families participated in the competition. Some of the families even rushed to buy the puzzles to participate in this fun family event. One common message I got from all families was how this brought all of us from their screens to the dining and kitchen tables as a family! So thank you to all who participated. Happy New Year to all of you and may we solve many more puzzles in the coming year!

    1.Kinkin Kumari and Divya Singh

    2. Lazers: Yajas and Sai

    3. The Piparia sisters

    4. Shaurya and Suhani Aditi Jain

    5. Deshpande family

    6. Navin Jain Family: Dhruv and Rishi !1st Dec24th)

    7. Gupta Girls (4th)

    8. Shiamin and Raj Melville

    9. Dhruv Arush Urvi & Jagan

    10. Lucky Hoque 

    11. Tanushree Nekenti

    12. Dixit Brothers

    13. Rajit and Kashvi Naik (3rd Dec 25th 7 PM)

    14. Anika and Rohan Savla (Yashodhara)

    15. Shilpa Nikte (2nd Dec25th 330PM)

    16. Anu Melville and Jack Saxe Staral

    17. Ayan Mishra (Neha)

    18. Khanna (Stuti)

    19.  Peerzade's (Sahar)

    20. Karishma Babani (Manju)

    21. Mukta Munjal


    Puzzles are fun and a great way to pass time when you are bored. They are also challenging as they make you think how to put pieces in the right place and forces you to look carefully for differences in the pieces. The puzzle we solved was named “The Mystic Maze”. We really enjoyed solving the puzzle as it was mysterious with a lot of very small details and a lot of different colors. We had a lot of fun doing the puzzle as a family!
    – Dhruv (9) and Rishi (12) Jain.  
    They have donated the gift card to the ISW’s Crisis Committee’s fundraising efforts.  So inspiring

    We enjoyed doing our first 1,000 piece puzzle (star wars). It was challenging but our family had a good time. In the beginning me and my sister organized the puzzle pieces based on color, borders, faces etc. This method helped us to focus and sort out where everything goes. Thank you for hosting this event! It was a great experience! -- Rajit & Kashi Naik. They have donated the gift card to the ISW’s Building Committee’s fundraising efforts.  So inspiring
  • 29 Dec 2020 12:30 PM | Anonymous

    ISW Nominating Committee would like to announce the elections for the 2021-22 Executive Board and Governance Committee. The nominating committee would like to present the following slate:

    Slate of Candidates


     Mr. Puneet Kohli

    I am a life member of ISW, serving the community for past 12+ years. I live in Grafton with my wife, son, daughter and parents. My son is doing is undergrad at UCSD. As part of ISW community I have had the honor to volunteer and lead many community serving activities at ISW  from cultural to strategic to logistical. As  member of the Executive board for over 12 years I hope to continue to serve ISW and community. Being a software engineer by profession I hope to continue to help connect ISW to larger community in Greater Boston area.

     Vice President  

     Dr. Jagan Srinivasan

    My name is Jagan Srinivasan and I am a resident of Shrewsbury for the past 8 years. Since our arrival here, most members of my family have been involved in volunteering at various cultural activities organized by ISW. I have 2 boys and a lovely 3 year old girl. My wife Snehal and I have been part of ISW community for past 8 years and have active volunteers for ISW and many other community activities.

    General Secretary  

    Mr. Balki Chandrakasan  

    Balki Chandrakasan  currently lives in North Grafton,  MA  with his wife  and two kids . I have been very active in community volunteering in various  organizations and associated with  ISW for the last 12+ years  . He started with ISW language school teaching Tamil for several years and later  became part of ISW executive board  for the last 4 years .He is always interested in connecting with people and working to  bring the Indian community together   Balki is a Senior Technology Professional and working for Charles River Labs .

    Asst. General Secretary  

     Mr. Manoharan Ganapathy 

    I am living in Massachusetts for more than 12 years, from a small town near Chennai, Tamil Nadu and  residing in Shrewsbury with my family. I am very passionate about service and giving back to my community. I have been active in many nonprofit organizations for the past 6 years. Glad to be part of the ISW family. 


     Mr. Rajesh Khare

    Rajesh is currently serving as the Treasurer of ISW (2019-2020). Rajesh has been a member of the Executive Committee since 2018 and has been an active member for many years. Rajesh has volunteered at many events/activities like Westborough/Shrewsbury parades, Language School, India Day, Diwali at WAM  etc. He lives in Westborough with his wife Arti and 2 kids. Both kids attend the Marathi school at ISW

    Asst. Treasurer  

    Mrs. Poonam Hingorany

    Poonam has been volunteering at the India Society of Worcester since the mid 2000’s and held a position on the Executive Board as the IYG Advisor from 2014 to 2018. She is serving as Assistant Treasurer on the current Executive Board. Poonam has a master’s degree in Accounting and an MBA from Framingham State University. She lives in Grafton, MA with her husband Sanjay and daughters Sneha and Pooja who both have been students and then student teachers of the ISW Cultural school and IYG Board members. Poonam enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, trying out new dishes and staying active

    Chair, Cultural Committee  

     Mrs. Amita Rao

    Amita has been part of ISW serving in many roles as a volunteer. Her passion to volunteer and help drive many of the events has made her contribution to ISW valuable. She lives in Westborough with her husband, son  & daughter who all are active volunteers in many ISW 

    Chair, Religious Committee  

     Mrs. Nisha Bawa

    Namaste !! My name is Nisha Bawa & I am a life member of India society of Worcester. I have severed on ISW committee in various capacities. I am honored to be nominated to  server as religious committee chair person for the second year.

    Chair, Language & Cultural Committee  

     Mrs. Ruchi Chauhan

    Ruchi and her husband Ramendra live in Shrewsbury, MA with their older son, Yash, who is a freshman in Northeastern University and their younger son, Kunal, who is currently in 8th grade. Both have been students at the ISW school as well as IYG members. She currently has been working at Floral Street School and is very passionate about working with kids.

    She started at ISW Language school as a volunteer Hindi teacher. Currently, as a Co-Director, she is responsible for over 140 students that attend five language classes on Saturday and Sunday, organizing classes for 11 different grades in 5 diverse languages, and recruiting over 40 volunteers that teach the sessions. For 2020, during the COVID lockdown, she helped create Masti Mazaa classes - free online classes for kids where they participated in different activities like origami, math, english, cooking, etc. During 2020, the online language classes and the one-on-one tutoring classes by IYG members, have helped the ISW community operate in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, thereby continuing ISW’s work in the community.

    Chair, India Center Rental Committee  

     Mr. Shri Garg

    I have been a volunteer of ISW since 1981 or so.  During this time I have served ISW in several positions such as Assistant Secretary, Scholarship Committee chair, IYG Adviser, President, Chair, Board of Trustees.  For the last 3 years or so I am serving ISW as Chair, India Center Committee. I would like to continue my job for the next term also.  I hope ISW has liked my service in previous years.  I would like to do a much better job in the coming years.  It is always my privilege to serve ISW and I am thankful to the ISW community for its trust in me.  


     Mr. Arvind Basil

    I was born in India in 1960, married to Anita in 1987. Blessed with daughters Shruti and Kirti  (who are now Physicians ) in 1988 and son Amogh ( presently a Junior in Assumption College)in 1999. I moved to USA in 2003.
    I have been an entrepreneur through out my life. I presently live in Auburn and own the UPS store at Westborough.

    • I have been part of several social organizations:
    • I volunteered with Mother Teresa at her orphanage home in Calcutta and had the privilege of being blessed by her personally.
    • I was part of the executive committee for the Indian Chapter of United Nations Youth Organization and also attended conferences at UNO headquarters
    • I was the District Chairman of Lions Blood Bank and Eye Operation Committee
    • I was the President of Lions Club in Kolkata
    • I was also the President of Lions Club of Oxford
    • I am presently Chairman of Awareness Committee of Lions District 33A
    • I was also associated with several other social organizations.
    • I have received several achievement awards, one being given to me by the Prime Minister of India for starting and successfully running the best water purification plant in India.
    My thought of life is “ Together we can make our surroundings a better place to live by serving our Society and the needy”

     Mrs. Suchitra Agarwal

    Suchitra Agrawal has been a resident of Shrewsbury for over 32 years. She graduated with a Masters's degree in English Literature from the University of Rajasthan and has done her schooling at Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls Public School in Jaipur.
    She has been a lifetime member of ISW for 20 years and has actively participated in various roles throughout the organization. These roles include participation in the Religious Committee, the Rental Committee, the School Committee, and she has most recently served as a Member-At-Large. She has been a Hindi K-1 language teacher since 2007 and has been passionate about introducing the youngest language students to the Hindi School. She has also served as a member of Bancroft School's PTA and has supported the Shrewsbury Public Libary in their volunteer and community outreach endeavors. She has always found joy in volunteering for community and educational organizations, particularly working with senior citizens and young children, and often combines her interests from running a local knitting group to collecting food and clothes for charities. Among her proudest achievements is watching her two children progress through the Hindi School and become language teachers themselves before graduating. She finds true pleasure in being part of ISW and is always willing to do whatever it takes to serve the community. She currently resides in Shrewsbury with her husband.


     Mr. Kamlesh Khilnani

    Born and raised in Mumbai, living in Marlborough, MA now with my wife, Preeti (also from Mumbai) and two boys, Arnav and Jeet. ISW has been a great find for our family, making great connections, having the resources to expose our kids to some cultural activities, language school and the new state of the art India center.


     Mrs. Sakshi Garao

    My name is Sakshi Gurao and living in Shrewsbury from last seven years. I am an accountant by profession. With great interest in social activities, I joined Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival in town and  currently working as a volunteer Treasurer position in the organization.  I have various interest mainly in art, dance, music, and cooking. I am  trained traditional Indian dancer.


     Mrs. Bhawna Sadhu

    My name is Bhawna Sadhu.  I am originally from Kashmir and came to the United States in the year 1999. My husband Sandeep and I moved to Shrewsbury in 2002 and since then we have enjoyed our stay in Massachusetts along with our two daughters Yashna (Junior )and Diya (Freshman) in high school. I have over 15 years of experience working in the IT industry. I look forward to be part of ISW team and serve my community in whatever way I can.

    The committee nominates the following members for Committee on Governance : 

    Mr.  Rajiv Dayal (Chair)   Rajiv Dayal is a partner in a CPA firm in Boston. He lives in Shrewsbury with his wife Priti. They both love to spend time with their children, their granddaughter and the expanded ISW family. Rajiv has been a very active volunteer in ISW for the past 20+ years. He was the Treasurer for 10 years and the then President for four years ending in 2016. He is currently the Chair of the Building Expansion Committee and overseeing the construction of the expanded India Center. Over the years he has also been actively involved with other non-profit organizations and has held leadership positions with the local council of the Boy Scouts of America.
    Mr. Ashish Cowlagi    Ashish Cowlagi is a life member of ISW and has been part of ISW for over 20 years. Recently in his role of President of ISW, Ashish has been integral part of the team on creating a strategy for expansion and future of ISW. Ashish lives in Shrewsbury with his wife Aarthi, son and daughter, who all are avid volunteers with ISW.
    Mrs. Meera Gupta  

    Meera Gupta has served the ISW Community in various roles for over 30 years. She worked as an Architect and Builder for many years. Meera currently ownsAunty G's, an Indian Street Food and Ice Cream Restaurant with her husband in Marlboro, MA. She was the First Woman President of ISW from 2005-2008. Also, she was adevoted Religious Committee Chair and Chair of India Center Committee for several years. Meera is committed to being a loyal member of India Society of Worcester for years to come.

     If you have any questions, please send an email to  


    ISW Committee on Nominations

    Renuka Garg(Chair), Barin Bando, Carolyn Passey, Sonal Koppikar, Shaikh Hoque

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